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Deepfake video shows Bezos, Musk in 'Star Trek' episode

Bay area, Feb 2 1 (IANS) A deepfake online movie clip which exhibits Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and also Tesla CEO Elon Musk at a"Star Trek" event has gained a great deal of attention on the web for the reason that it looks really realistic.The online movie clip published with YouTube accounts The Fakening on Wednesday was watched by around 117,000 days thus far over the Google-owned online system.  Even though Bezos is playing a Talosian mysterious, Musk plays with Captain Christopher Pike.Pike is recorded from the Talosian aliens at an effort to enslave him.

 Even the Talosian aliens prefer touse Pike to strain humans which are utilised to reconstruct a modern culture that is ruined.  Since Pike attempts to flee all through this incident, the Talosians finally arrive at the decision which humans' effort to flee slavery wouldn't create sure they are a fantastic match for this plan.The online movie clip tends to make it appear to be such as the dialog is solely between your Talosian alien and Captain Pike.  Like a variety of personalities played with with a function, This can make it hard that people stick to the dialog.  Though the scene looks perplexing, lots of societal networking users saw that the deepfake fairly impressive.They specially enjoyed the personality exhibited to be performed with Bezos. "that you do not even must utilize the deepfake into the Talosian.  Bezos appears indistinguishable," mentioned a single Twitter consumer friendly.  "Musk appeared only just a bit off although that the Bezos was not all perfect," composed .

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