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5 players who can win the Ballon d'Or in the 2020s

#Note: All of figures by February 7, 20 20

Virgil van Dijk has surrendered 1 goal in his past 10 Liverpool online game titles.

Virgil van Dijk is going to likely soon undoubtedly probably be expecting to move 1 step farther and acquire instead of then can observe that the Dutchman eventually become the guardian to get the most award after completing 2nd in the past year ranks.  Moreover, van Dijk might possibly perhaps well not need to wait around to get the award with all an 20 20 Ballon in his attain after a second season which will end using a premierleague decoration.  The truth is that van Dijk is in with a possibility after advancing from the FA Cup and Champions League round of 16 of completing the treble in 2013.  Of course, should the guardian was supposed to win three of Champions League, FA Cup, and those Premier League, he'd be certainly one of those favorites to its 20 20 Ballon d'Or along side a few of his championships.

The Dutchman will probably want to turn into the very first Liverpool player because Michael Owen to get the awardwinning.

The Ballon d'Or will be up for catches players across the globe seeking to follow along at the forefront of both greats Together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi edging closer to retirement every calendar year.  And that can observe a brand fresh winner with players acting Ballon degree and also famous brands Kylian Mbappe, both Neymar and also Erling Haaland probably competing to its award within the foreseeable future.  We might observe a Messi versus Ronaldo such as competition particularly to your award-winning Neymar and also Mbappe, inclined to be more competing to its award the moment Ronaldo and also Messi Re-Tire.  The following are five players who could get the Ballon.

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